Medical Negligence In Ennis, Co Clare

Compensation claims for medical negligence in Ireland have risen dramatically in recent years, and this has lead to aspersions that the Country is developing a compensation culture that encourages claims of this type.

Here at S.T. O’Sullivan & Co Solicitors, however, we believe that medical negligence is a serious problem in Ireland, and that the rise in claims should be a means by which areas of high risk are identified and addressed.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims:

Medical negligence is the term used to describe any mistake made by a medical professional, including dentists, doctors, surgeons and other healthcare workers. Whether the mistake is made during a medical procedure or treatment, or it results from incorrect diagnosis, a patient who experiences such negligence may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

All medical professionals are bound by a code of conduct that establishes acceptable standards of care. Any care or treatment that falls below this standard can become the subject of a medical negligence case. Poor or inadequate treatment, or misdiagnosis, can lead to negative outcomes for a patient, including permanent injuries, psychological trauma or even death. To make a successful claim for medical negligence, the patient must prove that the negative outcomes he or she has suffered would not have occurred at the hands of a different medical professional.

How Can I Claim For Medical Negligence?

If you have experienced medical negligence, you should seek advice from an experienced solicitor who can advise you on how to proceed with a compensation claim. There are various things that you will need in order to claim, and these include:

  1. Your medical records. You will need to obtain a copy of your medical records, and it is your right to access these. However, some hospitals and clinics will make a small charge for the administration involved in the process of providing these to you.
  2. Your notes. You should keep a written record of everything that has happened in your case, including the details of the alleged medical negligence and any other appointments that are relevant. Your notes should include the times and dates of all appointments, and the names of everyone in attendance.
  3. Your identification. You will need to provide photographic identification in order to confirm your identity to make a medical negligence claim. This will usually be a passport or driving license, of which your solicitor may need to take a photocopy.

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