Cancer Misdiagnosis: Medical Negligence Procedure

Cancer misdiagnosis is a frightening, and potentially fatal, situation, in which a person is wrongly given the all clear following a cancer screening procedure. This is one of many instances in which medical procedures or systems can fail patients, leading to further health complications, later stage diagnosis and, often, less favourable outcomes.

Cancer Misdiagnosis at Wexford General Hospital

A recent review of a problem in the screening process at Wexford General Hospital has shown that twelve patients were misdiagnosed after colonoscopies to rule out bowel cancer, and that one of these individuals has, sadly, since died of the disease. The colonoscopies in question took place in 2013 and 2014, and six hundred patients were recalled as a result of the misdiagnosed results.   

Can I Claim for Medical Negligence?

If you have been misdiagnosed with a cancer, or have received any medical treatment that you feel did not meet acceptable standards, we can help.

A medical negligence case must (among other things) prove that:

•    The medical professional or practice you were treated by acted in a manner which fell short of acceptable standards
•    A competent medical professional could have avoided the problems caused during the procedure or investigations
•    The problems caused during the procedure or investigations have resulted in negative effects for your physical or psychological health, or have adversely affected your prognosis.

You should be aware that it will be necessary to prove these assertions, and you should bring all documentation and supporting evidence to meetings with your solicitor who will conduct a thorough investigation into your case.  This is likely to involve obtaining expert reports from other medical professionals who are prepared to undertake this kind of work.  

Compensation awarded will usually take into account the extent of the difficulties you have experienced as a result of the negligent procedure, as well as the costs this has caused you to incur, including further medical interventions and loss of earnings, if relevant.

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