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Making A Manual Handling Injury Claim

28th February, 2018   No Comments

Many personal injury cases are manual handling injury claims, in which heavy lifting has resulted in an injury to the back, neck and/or shoulders. These injuries commonly occur where inadequate training has been provided for lifting and moving heavy objects, (more…)

Mothers With Birth Injuries: Compensation Claims

24th January, 2018   No Comments

Many people do not realise that birth injuries are a relatively common occurrence, and that compensation can be sought in cases where these injuries have serious consequences. (more…)

Claiming Compensation For Spinal Injuries As A Result Of Road Traffic Accident

11th January, 2018   No Comments

Unfortunately, many people each year sustain spinal cord injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, and these can disrupt their lives and cause problems ranging from behavioral and cognitive issues to loss of mobility and compromised movement. (more…)

Workplace Harassment: Your Options

28th July, 2017   No Comments

All employers in this country are legally obliged to prevent harassment within the work place. However, cases of harassment still occur, and victims are therefore entitled to bring compensation claims against their employers to the Work Place Relations Commission (WRC) where they have the opportunity to prove that this legal protection has not been provided. (more…)

Time Limits May Affect Your Medical Negligence Claim

20th July, 2017   No Comments

The Statute of Limitations sets a two-year time limit on medical negligence cases, within which it is possible to make a claim for compensation. If legal proceedings are not commenced within this period, a claim will not be allowed, regardless of the injuries sustained. However, there are some circumstances in which there may be flexibility regarding this limit. (more…)

Should I Settle My Personal Injury Claim Early?

16th June, 2017   No Comments

Making a personal injury claim can be a challenging process, and it takes time.  It can be tempting to settle early if an insurance company offers what appears to be an attractive amount of money.  (more…)

Medical Negligence And Your GP

23rd May, 2017   No Comments

If the care and treatment you receive from your GP is below an acceptable standard you may be entitled to bring a claim for medical negligence against him/her.

All medical professionals in Ireland, including GPs, are bound by codes of conduct that regulate the standards of care that they must provide to their patients at all times. If a medical professional fails to meet these standards, the patient, or his or her family, may claim compensation for medical negligence. (more…)


22nd March, 2017   No Comments

What Is Sepsis?


Sepsis is one of the most common causes of death of patients in intensive care units, and is the result of a massive immune system response to a bacterial infection that enters the bloodstream. If caught early, sepsis can be treated effectively. However, if the condition is misdiagnosed, or if treatment is delayed, sepsis can lead to septic shock, major organ failure and death.


14th February, 2017   No Comments

Road traffic accidents are very common and for most people involved in a minor accident, they are an unpleasant and inconvenient occurrence. However, for some, they can be a g

reat deal more serious, and this can be the case if there is a major accident, in which people are seriously injured or killed, or if there is any sort of accident in which the perpetrator does not stop.



14th February, 2017   No Comments

Whiplash is the term used to describe an injury that causes damage to the fragile ligaments and tendons in the neck. It is often sustained during car accidents, especially those that involve a rear shunt, and can cause lasting problems, with many people experiencing pain and discomfort for many months or years.



14th February, 2017   No Comments

When children are injured it can be an extremely difficult time for their families.  If a child is injured in an accident which is not their fault they may be entitled to claim compensation.

An individual is considered to be a minor under Irish law until his or her eighteenth birthday, and it is not legally possible for minors to make a compensation claim in their own right. However, a parent or guardian, acting as ‘next friend’ in law, can represent their child and make a personal injury claim for compensation on his or her behalf.



14th February, 2017   No Comments

Do you work on a construction site? Have you been injured in an accident that could have been prevented? If you feel that your employer has failed to observe their duty of care to you, and you have been injured as a result, you may be able to claim compensation*.



14th February, 2017   No Comments

Many people experience back pain on a daily basis, but most people don’t realise that if their back pain is being caused or contributed to by the failure of their employer to comply with Health and Safety legislation they may well be entitled to claim compensation (more…)


14th February, 2017   No Comments

Coping with an unexpected bereavement is deeply traumatic. If a loved one dies as a result of the negligence of another person or an institution there may be a case for a dependant to bring a fatal injury claim for compensation.



14th February, 2017   No Comments

Many people are involved in road traffic accidents every year in Ireland, and if you are one of these, you may be surprised to learn that you could receive compensation for an accident that isn’t your fault. Being able to establish blame in a road traffic accident is very important for the legal processes that follow, and it can help to reduce stress in the future if you follow simple protocol to make this as easy as possible.


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