What Is Sepsis?


Sepsis is one of the most common causes of death of patients in intensive care units, and is the result of a massive immune system response to a bacterial infection that enters the bloodstream. If caught early, sepsis can be treated effectively. However, if the condition is misdiagnosed, or if treatment is delayed, sepsis can lead to septic shock, major organ failure and death.

Research suggests that early diagnosis of sepsis could prevent many cases ending in death, and highlights the need for doctors to be aware of the risks associated with the following symptoms:

  • A fever, or a low body temperature
  • Shivering and feeling cold
  • An accelerated heartbeat
  • Rapid breathing

Anyone who has recently had an infection or injury should be alert to the possibility of sepsis, and should seek medical advice if showing these early signs.

What If Sepsis Is Not Diagnosed Quickly?

Medical professionals in Ireland are bound by codes of conduct that set out appropriate standards for the care they provide to patients at all times. Failing to meet these standards, or providing care that does not protect the patient or their best interests, can lead to a case for medical negligence. A medical negligence case aims to prove that the patient was harmed by poor decision-making or incorrect treatment.

If sepsis is misdiagnosed or not diagnosed in time, then it is likely that a successful case* in medical negligence can be brought.  Whilst it is difficult to diagnose sepsis because it shares several common factors with many viral infections, a reasonably careful medical practitioner, acting with proper care and attention, should be able to make a correct and timely diagnosis so that any negative outcome can be prevented.

Have You Experienced Medical Negligence?

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