Medical Negligence And Your GP

If the care and treatment you receive from your GP is below an acceptable standard you may be entitled to bring a claim for medical negligence against him/her.

All medical professionals in Ireland, including GPs, are bound by codes of conduct that regulate the standards of care that they must provide to their patients at all times. If a medical professional fails to meet these standards, the patient, or his or her family, may claim compensation for medical negligence.

To succeed in a medical negligence case a patient must prove that he/she has suffered harm as a result of the medical professional making a mistake or having a lapse of judgment or failing to give appropriate treatment.

Have You Experienced Medical Negligence From Your GP?

General Practitioners may be found to be medically negligent for the following reasons:

1.    Missed diagnosis. Unfortunately, when a serious condition is not diagnosed early on, this can lead to poorer outcomes for the patient. Conditions such as cancer can progress to untreatable stages when early opportunities to diagnose are missed, and emergency situations such as heart attacks and meningitis in children are occasionally missed by GPs.

2.    Prescription errors. When a GP prescribes medication, the patient will usually take this at home without supervision. Human error or problems with IT systems can sometimes result in incorrect prescriptions.  This may result in incorrect dosages being prescribed and/or combinations of medications that can be harmful.

3.    Incomplete history. If a GP does not take a full medical history of the patient or conduct a proper physical examination, it is more likely that very important symptoms will be missed. Conditions such as breast cancer and ectopic pregnancy are sometimes not recognised at initial appointments because a physical examination is not sufficiently thorough.

4.    Failure to refer. In some cases, GPs may be found to be negligent because of their failure to refer a patient to a qualified specialist.

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