Mothers With Birth Injuries: Compensation Claims

Many people do not realise that birth injuries are a relatively common occurrence, and that compensation can be sought in cases where these injuries have serious consequences. Birth injuries to the mother are treated separately to birth injuries to the baby, and they may include physical injuries or mental health complications.

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What Is A Birth Injury?

Birth injuries to the mother may result in physical or psychological injuries. If a doctor or medical professional can be shown to have made an error that resulted in an injury to the mother, a claim for compensation may be brought. Both mental and physical injuries can result in lifelong complications and expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation costs in the future.

Birth injuries may include the following:

• Physical Injuries. Physical injuries that result from childbirth can include excessive vaginal tearing, fissures, incorrect suturing (stitching) after a Caesarian section or an episiotomy, failure to manage an infection such as pre-eclampsia, broken bones or bruising, abnormal uterine bleeding and wrongful death of the mother.

• Mental Health Issues. Many people do not realise that substantial compensation may be recovered for psychological injuries. It is not uncommon that mothers sustain post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) during childbirth, which are likely to require ongoing treatment. In a minority of cases the PTSD may be so severe that the mother is unable to care for her newborn baby which can cause further trauma. The costs of treatment and support may well be substantial so that serious consideration should be given to bringing a claim for compensation under this heading

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