All employers have a duty of care to their employees, and must ensure that they are providing a safe environment with adequate equipment and qualified co-workers. Within a nursing environment, there are certain risk factors that increase the likelihood of a work related injury, and employers, as well as nurses themselves, should be aware of these and take extra precautions in these areas.

Nurses are more likely to experience problems related to:

1.    Lifting. Lifting patients and dealing with heavy equipment can put pressure on joints and muscles and cause significant damage if correct protocols are not observed. Nurses should be trained in handling, and employers must provide suitable training, equipment and personnel to carry out such tasks without risk of injury.

2.    Slipping or falling. Hard surfaces and frequent cleaning increase the risk of slipping or tripping in a hospital environment, and falls can be serious. If you fall, trip or slip while nursing, you should seek advice from a doctor or medical professional as soon as possible. Ensure that you take the time you need to recover and heal any injuries: you could cause yourself further damage if you continue to work when you are injured.

3.    Threat or assault. Unfortunately, the nature of nursing means that you will be in frequent contact with unpredictable patients, especially if you work in an environment such as the Accident and Emergency department. Assaults are likely to cause psychological problems as well as physical issues, and should always be followed up with professional care and a recovery period that is appropriate to the situation.

What Can Nurses do to Stay Safe?

Simple measures such as wearing nonslip shoes and taking the time to follow all safety protocols can be the best way to reduce the risk of injury or accident while nursing. Ensure that you raise concerns if you notice that procedures are being overlooked and that standards are lower than they should be: it is vital that employers are alerted to potential risks in order to rectify these.

If you are injured while nursing, you should be aware that you may be entitled to compensation if this was due to any failing on the part of your employer, or to an assault by a patient. You should seek advice from a specialist solicitor such as S.T. O’Sullivan & Co Solicitors to discuss your situation and determine whether or not you are likely to be able to make a successful claim.

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