Rear End Collisions: Who Is At Fault?

Usually, driving into the back of another car is the fault of the driver behind, but are there exceptions to this rule? Being penalized for driving into another car if it has suddenly cut in front of you and braked, for example, seems more than a little unfair. With unscrupulous drivers and con artists aiming to make money from this type of deliberate ‘accident’, insurance companies are becoming hardened against claims of this type, realizing that they are sometimes more complex than they seem.

How Is Fault Established When Driving Into the Back of Another Car?

1. Could the movement have been predicted? If a claim is disputed or a driver is being prosecuted for dangerous driving, a case may involve examining the details of the accident to establish whether it could have been avoided.

2. Could you have reacted more quickly? Reaction times are crucial when driving, and it may be important to consider whether you ought to have reacted more quickly to avoid the rear end collision. If you were distracted or reacted more slowly than usual for any reason, this may have a bearing on the inevitability of the accident.

3. Do you have proof? Some drivers are installing cameras on their dashboards to provide proof of fault in situations such as staged accidents. Another good idea is to take photographs at the scene of an accident, to rule out claims that are later exaggerated to include more damage to a vehicle than was caused at the time, or even to include extra passengers who were not in the car but later claim that they were injured in the accident.

4. What do you need to do? The first step when you have been involved in a rear end collision where fault is disputed is to contact specialist solicitors such as S.T. O’Sullivan & Co Solicitors, who can advise you on the best way to pursue a case like this. A solicitor who is experienced in this area can talk through your case with you and discuss the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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