Volkswagen Emissions Revelations: Are You Affected?

Recent news that the Volkswagen Group Ireland has announced the recall of 79,348 vehicles has caused a great deal of worry amongst Volkswagen owners in Ireland. Issues include a problem where diesel emissions were altered with software in order to pass emissions tests, and this has resulted in drivers across Ireland being asked to bring their vehicles in for modifications.

These vehicles do not meet the descriptions under which they were sold, and this may also be a breach of the legislation that governs such industries.

What Will Happen To Cars That Are Recalled?

If your car is amongst those affected by this problem, you are likely to be contacted by the dealership from which you purchased it. It is essential that you keep a record of all interactions with the dealership and you should also consider having the vehicle checked by an independent mechanic/motor engineer before and after modifications are made.

The Department of Environment is concerned with this matter, and is currently keeping it under review. Revised vehicle registration certificates, showing higher emissions rates, could affect the rates of motor tax that apply. If this is the case, those who are affected could claim for compensation to cover the increased tax payable.

Compensation claims should also be considered for increased fuel costs, depreciation of the value of the vehicle due to higher emissions, and any expenses that are incurred while the vehicle is out of use due to repairs linked to this issue.

What Do I Need To Do?

Keeping records of all contact with your dealerships is vital, but you should also collate all information relating to your vehicle, including:

  1. All registration documents, including details of the make and model, and the year of manufacture
  2. Details of who you purchased the vehicle from, including the date of purchase, and the purchase price
  3. Your reason for purchasing this model, with average weekly fuel costs and annual car tax cost. Retain receipts wherever possible to support your claim.

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