Childbirth is usually a straightforward natural process that requires little or no medical intervention. However, in some cases, particularly after medical interventions such as induction, labour and birth can end in a caesarian section. This is a serious medical procedure and can result in many unwelcome complications, and if it is performed incorrectly or negligently, may cause lasting injury to the mother.

Obstetric clinicians, like all other medical professionals, are bound by their professional codes of practice and may be subject to legal action if they do not carry out treatments and patient care according to the acceptable standards of the profession. Medical negligence cases surrounding childbirth often focus on the baby, but the health and wellbeing of the mother should also be subject to the highest standards of medical care and attention.

What Maternal Injuries Can Occur During Caesarean Births?

  1. Infection. Infections of the womb or the wound where the incision has been made are relatively common following caesarian section, and are often unrelated to the practice of the medical team. However, unsatisfactory standards of hygiene, or inadequate after care following surgery, could give rise to an infection due to medical negligence.
  2. Perforation of the bladder or bowel. On occasion it may become necessary for the bladder or bowel to be moved in order to perform a caesarian section.  This procedure can result in serious complications.  If such complications are as a result of poor judgment or substandard medical care the mother will be entitled to recover compensation for her injuries.
  3. Deep vein thrombosis. This is another uncommon but life threatening condition that may result from a caesarian section. If a blood clot forms in the legs, it has the potential to travel to the lungs so it is important that it is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to prevent this from happening.
  4. Complications following spinal block. An emergency caesarian will usually be performed under general anaesthetic, but if you have planned or had time to prepare for a c-section, it will usually be carried out with a spinal block, which allows you to stay awake during the procedure. Occasionally, this procedure can cause lasting injury to the spine or the legs, which is sometimes caused by substandard care.

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