Wrongful Diagnosis and the Importance of Medical Research

A medical negligence claim can be made against a health professional or hospital if their actions or lack of action in diagnosis or treatment of a patient results in a breach of their legally defined duty of care.

A person establishes negligence against a medical practitioner by proving his deviation from a general and approved practice and showing that the course taken was one which no other medical practitioner of like specialisation and skill would have followed when taking the ordinary care required from a person of his qualifications.  

Wrongful or delayed diagnosis of an illness such as cancer can be grounds for a medical negligence case.

New medical research can change patient care and diagnostics dramatically, and being aware of new techniques and procedures can help you to take control of your treatment and understand your options. Success rates against cancer are consistently improving and this is largely thanks to earlier diagnosis and intervention, as well as developments in successful alternative treatments.

Can a Blood Test Detect Cancer?

Scientists in the USA have recently announced that they are developing a blood test that can detect five major cancers at an early stage. This blood test has the potential to prevent many complications and deaths by enabling early treatment for these conditions. Here’s how:

•    Genome research has identified a specific gene that is unique to tumour DNA and changes its chemical signature in the presence of breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer, womb cancer and stomach cancer.

•    The study in question, from the US National Human Genome Research Institute, looks at identifying tumour DNA and using it for early diagnosis. Higher methylation around the gene ZNF154 was seen to be consistent across all five key cancers in this study, which suggests that it may be used effectively as a universal marker of cancer.

•    Higher levels of methylation appears to be detectable even in limited concentrations via a simple blood test, which suggests that this research will allow for the early detection of these cancers in a very simple way.

•    Treatment for all types of cancer is more effective in the early stages, and could also offer a simpler way of monitoring those who may be at higher risk of cancer.

Blood tests currently used in cancer diagnosis are only accessible when cancer is suspected and are specific to certain types of tumour, while this new blood test has the potential to be used universally without prior knowledge of any cancer in the body. This research has the potential to revolutionise the process of cancer diagnosis, perhaps reducing the need for mammograms, colonoscopies and biopsies, which are all more invasive and time-consuming procedures, both for the patient and for medical professionals.  

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